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22, Jul 2022
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What are the tools used in web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals or businesses to set up a website on a server. The following tools are commonly used in web hosting:

Web server: This is the main component of the web hosting service. It is the computer that hosts the website and provides the necessary hardware and software to run it.

Web server software: This is the code that runs on the web server and provides the necessary functions for hosting a website, such as providing a web server, managing logs, and serving up pages.

Database: A database is a collection of data that can be accessed by a web server. This is often used to store information about the website, such as the site’s content, structure, and configuration.

Hosting provider: A hosting provider is the company that provides the web hosting service to individuals or businesses. They often provide the web server, web server software, and database.

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Cloud web hosting
Cloud Hosting (Web Hosting) is a website hosting service. The product is preinstalled with the operating environment, database and management tools for popular website development languages, and you can easily manage the hosting site through a graphical control panel.
Shared cloud web hosting, new customers pay from 119 yuan per year
Admin console view product documentation
Product specification product advantages product specification application scenarios product dynamics documentation and tools
Cloud Hosting for the mainland region
For China, Hong Kong and overseas cloud hosting, shared cloud web hosting.

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What are the four basic types of web hosting?

There are four types of web hosting: shared, dedicated, virtual, and cloud. Shared hosting is the most affordable and popular type of hosting. It allows multiple websites to be hosted on one server. Dedicated hosting is the next most affordable and allows a single website to be hosted on a server. Virtual hosting allows a single website to be hosted on multiple servers. Cloud hosting allows websites to be hosted on remote servers.


Exclusive Basic Enhanced version
Suitable for creating personal and enterprise websites, IP pre-installed website Environment, high access speed
1 core 1g basic version
200 GB
Monthly high-speed traffic
5 GB capacity
Online space
35% discount on the annual package for new users
Starting from 206.00 / per annum

  1. 00 / year _ _
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Standard exclusive plus
Suitable for start-up SME sites , pre-installed website environment, IP-Independent, High access speed
Deluxe Plus exclusive
Suitable for e-commerce, video, group purchase sites, pre-installed website environment, IP Independent, High access speed
2 core 4G Deluxe Edition
1500 GB
Monthly high-speed traffic
100 GB
Online space
35% discount on the annual package for new users
From 966.00 / year _
¥1794.00 / year _ _
Buy now.

Which is best for web hosting?

3 000webhost 


Product advantages
Exclusive cloud web hosting, Just for building websites!
Easier to work
Graphical control panel, website loading, downloading, migrating and importing a complete database
The website
The Website is more secure
With basic DDoS protection capabilities, if dangerous files are found, a security notification will be sent to you (some models support it)
The website and data are more stable and reliable
99.999% data reliability, automatic website downtime migration, Automatic Data Backup and manual backup are optional
Lower cost of building a website
With a low price of up to 0.56 yuan / day, the product performance continues to improve, constantly reducing the costs of creating your website.

Faster location
8-line BGP network, one-click switch to other computer rooms, equipped with IP standalone, and it is easy to embed the website
Ensure a professional and perfect service system
The whole process of providing assistance, give the deposit Time, 7 * 24 hours, you can ask the After-Sales Engineer for help by phone or work order
Product specifications
The functionality of the Cloud Virtual Host Controller is designed specifically for website building applications!
Host management
Location information
You can easily view your website information, hosting management account information, database information, registration service number, and you can also complete hosting account management and other operations on this page.
Database management
You can perform operations such as changing the database and resetting the database password. Through DMS data management, you can perform operations such as adding, deleting, importing and exporting tables in the database.
File management
You can complete the process of unzipping or compressing files in the file manager, and you can also set various permissions for website files and directories to improve website security. Support website log file download.
Domain name Management
Linking a domain name
After creating a website using the Alibaba Cloud Virtual Host, you also need to associate the domain name with the host. After binding, the domain name must be resolved to take effect, and the registry status must be successful at the same time before normal access.
Enable encrypted HTTPS access
You can set up HTTPS encrypted access to the domain name to achieve high-strength two-way encrypted transfer, preventing the transfer data from leaking or tampering with it.
Open the CDN
Alibaba Cloud CDN shares the compression of the original site, avoids network congestion, ensures the rapid distribution of website content in different regions and different scenarios, and improves the speed of access to resources. You can enable CDN acceleration through the host management console according to the actual business requirements.
Environment settings
Basic configuration of the environment
You can easily set the default homepage, 301 redirect and 404 error page for your website.
Advanced environment configuration (Linux OS)
You can modify the PHP version, enable or disable PHP functions. If your host is an optimized cloud virtual host, it also supports configuring Nginx files.
Environment composition.

4 Hostinger

Advanced environment configuration (Windows operating system)
You can modify the .NET version and configure script error messages and MIME types.
Common tools
Backup and restore
After backing up the website or database data, you can quickly restore the data to the cloud virtual host through the automatic backup and recovery function.
Site Verification
Cloud web hosting provides website inspection functions, including checking host status, domain name status, registration status, environment configuration, and provides you with effective guidance for solutions.

Location transfer
You can quickly migrate your original websites on other web hosting brands to Wanwang Hosting through the hosting management console.
Application scenarios
Personal / commercial website
E-commerce siteblog / CMS site
Apply a personal website with an exclusive space
Use the cloud virtual host to create a personal website, an official website of the enterprise.

Low cost of building a website
Easy to use
Pre-installed with a common operating environment, database, graphical control panel, easy to operate
Safe and stable
The website works quickly and has basic DDoS protection capabilities
Don’t worry after sale
Ensuring professional and stable service, you can ask our After-Sales Engineers for help at any time
It is recommended to use it with
Domain name
SSL certificate
Product dynamics

5 HostGator

Which is best for web hosting?

There are many different types of web hosting, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

The most popular web hosting services areshared hosting, which allows up to four users to share one server, and dedicated hosting, which allows one individual or business to have their own server.

Shared hosting is the cheapest option and is a good choice for small businesses or personal websites. It’s easy to set up and use, but it doesn’t offer as many features as dedicated hosting and it can be slow if there are a lot of users.

Dedicated hosting is the most expensive option, but it offers the most features and is the best choice for businesses that need a lot of space, bandwidth, and security. It can be a bit difficult to set up and manage, but it’s worth the expense if you need these features.

There are also hybrid hosting services that offer some of the features of dedicated hosting and shared hosting. These services are a good

What is a web hosting software?

A web hosting software is a computer program that provides a means for individuals or businesses to create and host their own website.

What are the tools used in web hosting?

What are the four basic types of web hosting?

Which is best for web hosting?

What is a web hosting software?

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